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Jeff Wyler Acura of Fairfield Serving the Greater Cincinnati Area

West Chester residents searching for their new luxury car need not look far. Jeff Wyler Acura of Fairfield is a trusted luxury car dealership located no more than 15 minutes from anywhere in your area on the well-known Dixie Hwy. With 50 percent of our car buyers being repeat customers, we invite you to take your time while browsing our inventory of luxury Acura models and see for yourself why Hamilton and Loveland's locals choose to shop at Jeff Wyler Acura of Fairfield time and again.

Why Choose Acura as Your New Luxury Vehicle?

Acura, while still a young make of vehicle at just 35 years old, reminds you that age is just a number. There is a reason Acura has made such a prominent name for itself in such a short amount of time. At its birth in 1986, Honda engineers were looking to create a vehicle for the ages, a luxury performance classic. After many secret meetings, the passionate team of engineers gave us the Integra and the Legend. Following their initial success came MORE success. With award-winning sports cars and SUVs alike by the year 2000, Acura made itself a staple in luxury car lines.

But what makes this car even more special to friends and family in the greater Cincinnati and Montgomery OH area is the fact that your vehicle is made right here in the tri-state. In 2013, the Acura family planted its Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. Making Acura a luxury vehicle you can be proud of not only based on the name but what it has brought to your community as well.

The Value of An Acura as a Luxury Car

If your daily commute consists of driving from West Chester or Northern Kentucky to downtown Cincinnati five days a week, Acura's VCM, or Vehicle Cylinder Management, will save you money at the pump. VCM will intuitively change your V-6 engine to run on six or three cylinders giving you more highway fuel efficiency. Speaking of intuition, we should also mention Acura's Dual Clutch Transmissions, giving the driver who wants to put their new Acura to the test on those long stretches of backcountry or highway roads the ability to speed up and slow down with unmatched ease and smoothness.

Acura's Interior and Exterior Beauty and Technology

Acura's design team is nothing short of visionary, giving each luxury make and model a bold yet elegant design guaranteed to leave onlookers dazzled from headlight to taillight. Acura's Jewel Eye Illumination is not just about its sleek look. It provides drivers with six-beam LED bulbs and LED technology to keep those late-night drives illuminated with sunlike quality to reduce fatigue and keep you alert.

While onlookers are busy admiring the sculpted design of your new luxury Acura sports car or SUV, like the RDX, MDX, TLX, ILX, you will be busy deciding which interior design is your favorite. Jeff Wyler Acura of Fairfield believes the ELS STUDIO premium audio might be many Hamilton drivers' favorite feature in their new Acura. Your special playlists and podcasts are destined for studio-quality sounds to be enjoyed right from the driver's seat with this state-of-the-art audio system. Acura's interior design has always oozed craftsmanship and class. With only high-end materials used in manufacturing these luxury cars, you will find a spacious cabin and first-class finishes in every detail.

Where Can I Find A Luxury Car Dealership and Service Center?

Whether you are looking for intelligent cargo design in your new Acura SUV, specifically crafted aerodynamics in a sports car, or somewhere to service your already beloved Acura model, Jeff Wyler Acura of Fairfield, located at 5555 Dixie Highway in Fairfield, OH, is here. We're waiting to provide you with all your luxury auto dealership needs. Come down and test drive or call our service team at (513) 354-3000 to schedule a maintenance appointment today!